Stepping on the drum’s pedal properly

You need to keep your footing in order to sound good, basically on the drumming game and the two important parts that are on the bass drum and snare. So, your tap must be fitting and also very important to be consistent. Suppose you are wrong or forget, you make sure that you do not forget in the bass drum or snare beat because in that part will determine the tempo of all the musical instruments that are playing along with the drum. In the meantime, you can also check out the best drumsticks if you wish to improve your performance in playing this instrument.

There are basic techniques when stepping on the bass drum pedal, namely:

Full Kick – You can use all the parts of your feet so you can find the stable side in tapping a bass drum. With this technique, you can use your ankle hinges that will make you even better. But sometimes this technique is quite tiring because it will require much energy to press a bass drum with that power. The result will be less powerful. But, if you are in concert, this technique is highly recommended because it will save your leg strength. And also when the concert on the bass drum has no mic so no need strong.

Half Kick – You use half your feet on the part with. This technique emphasizes the knee hinges as a pedestal. So, you can lift your feet up. This technique will give you the power to make the bass drum beat more round and strong. For those of you who like fast be tempo, this technique is very good because it will make your game consistent and clear.

Hi-hat is a Tempo Controller

Well, on your left foot you need to play hi-hat properly. not just as a cymbal, the hi-hat is a tempo control and also a knock for drummers. The beat of hi-hat should be clear and also good. because indeed in playing drums, you need to give a stable tap and no less or excess. Just as in other musical instruments. Usually, hi-hat will split parts of the game into several bar shapes and will be clarified by opening it the hi-hat.