Some of the secrets from the Amazon success

One of the leading websites that quite successfully achieve success as an online store website is site, which is the website that sells the world’s largest online book. To replicate the success of site, the following some secrets of success as quoted from the book “Business The Way” by Rebecca Saunders. In the meantime, perhaps you need to see amazing selling machine reviews to know more about running a business on Amazon.

Understand e-commerce. Jeff Bezos as the founder of, long before the founding of this site, has been doing research and study carefully about how the ins and outs of business in the field of buying and selling books that will become the main business of And more importantly, he is also really studying how internet technology itself.

Build an entrepreneurial team. Jeff Bezos’s second step is to form a strong team that has strong competence in their field, because he is very conscious to build a big business cannot be done alone.

Focus. Like any other business, the focus is one of the keys to a business’s success. Staying focused and consistent with his business concepts and in his actions and business policies make Jeff Bezos bring as the world’s number one online selling book website.

Brand the site. Starting from the selection of domain names is quite easy to remember but contains a broad meaning of, followed by a continuous effort to introduce this site to the public, and most importantly to keep still have a positive impression in the eyes of customers, making the name continue to soar hard to be defeated by its competitors.

Get and keep customers by offering value. Finding a buyer in a business is tough, but keeping the buyer up to being a loyal customer in your business is much more difficult. One of the efforts made in that case is to provide more value in every business transaction, for example by providing special discounts for certain goods, providing information that is as clear as possible about the products sold so that buyers do not feel cheated, and other things that continues to do to always pamper its customers.