Now, everyone probably has an old smartphone tucked away in a desk drawer. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use the device well? Today we’re going to talk about how to set up and use your old smartphone as a dashcam, not only saving money but giving you cool projects. Aside from your old smartphone, you’ll need a charging cable long enough to reach an outlet in your vehicle, as well as a dashboard or window mount. These settings work the same as when we showed you how to create a time-lapse driving video using your iPhone. Cables shouldn’t be hard to come by, as most people have a spare or two lying around. These mounts are easy to buy from electronics stores, which carry over $ 20- $ 25 in abundance. Meanwhile, if you only want to use high-quality, real dashcams, we suggest you read some of the finest dashboard camera reviews before you buy one check this.

However, in our time-lapse article, we make no mistake about using your current smartphone to do this. When setting up your dashboard, it’s a good idea to have a device that doesn’t need to be removed from the mount or used for calling, texting, or playing music. (Even if you do, make sure to pull over first.)

Once you’ve gathered your needs, place your stand on the dashboard or windshield in a way that captures the best view of the road ahead. You want to mount your smartphone with a dash-cam that rotates in such a way that it points toward the center of the hood and records equal parts from the right and left side of the car.

You may not be able to capture as many trails (150 degrees or more) as possible custom dashes, so do your best to ensure you get as many of them as possible.

Make sure the phone is plugged in at all times. You don’t want to run out of battery at critical moments, plus most older devices have a battery that has started to degrade and therefore doesn’t last as long as the newer ones.

Finally, once installed, make sure the device is secure and tightened. It may shift while you’re driving, so check every now and then you must adjust it so that it always points to the right place.


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