Some people are uncomfortable sitting on a rug because of the flat surface. Therefore, you can replace rugs using a thin mattress which is more comfortable. Choose plain-colored sheets or upholstery, then add pillows with various motif covers. I was so comfortable, you might fall asleep in this living room. The use of rugs for the living room floor does not always have to be large and has luxurious motifs. For example, according to the carpet cleaners north shore, such as a small, plain rug above. Adjust the size of the rug with the area of ​​your living room and most importantly your feet don’t feel cold when you lie down. Add a large pillow to lie on. This room is also suitable as a reading room.

Are you ready to remodel the living room into a relaxing area using rugs to make the atmosphere more cheerful and comfortable?

If you want to experiment with patterned rugs, if you can, choose a large pattern. Carpets with motifs that are too detailed and small will usually make the room feel fuller and cramped. But don’t limit yourself to being creative just because of this assumption. Because everything will come back depending on the furniture you choose and other supporting factors in the room, such as windows, curtains, or mirrors. The most important thing to consider when choosing a carpet is size. A carpet that is too small will give the impression of not being warm. Well, on the other hand, if the size of your carpet is too large, the room will seem more narrow and full. You certainly want to avoid this problem, right?

Now, to determine the ideal size of the rug, decide based on the placement of furniture – not the size of the room. Yes, there is no specific standard for determining the ideal size of the carpet because it all depends on how you place the furniture in the room. Another thing that can be used as a benchmark is to estimate the number of tiles that the carpet should not cover.

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