Signs That You Can See When Your PC Or Laptop Is Getting Attacked By Viruses

It seems that more days, more and more viruses are developing. This is in line with the many complaints from many people, who claimed that their laptops were attacked by viruses with strange symptoms. Yes, it’s true that I myself often get someone’s notebook and computer, which has a virus with various symptoms. On the other hand, perhaps you also need to check out the best Free antivirus that you may download soon.

How dangerous is a virus if it attacks a computer? And what are the consequences if the computer has a virus? This is what I discussed this time. Please read more …

As a result, if laptops and computers have viruses

1. Many application programs become error

The first is a lot of error application programs. Example: slow to open, can not be opened, can be opened but does not function properly, sometimes when we open this program, even the other programs open. Have you ever experienced it?

2. The computer system is slow

One reason for the operating system to be slow is the result of being attacked by a virus. This is more severe than before because if the operating system has been slow it will also affect other application programs.

In fact, it is usually so slow, to turn it on also takes a dozen minutes so that the computer can be used. The point is that it’s very difficult. Work has also been disrupted, due to the slow pace of the system. Not to mention error messages from the system that also always appears. Even if the computer is slow to enter Windows, to turn it off is also very slow.

3. The computer system cannot be opened

The third is even worse, where your computer can be turned on but cannot enter the operating system. If it’s like this, there’s nothing you can do. It’s because you will not be able to work if you cannot enter the operating system.

There is no other solution, besides reinstalling your computer system. It is quite detrimental indeed if you have to go out of money again and are ready to lose your data if it is possible.