Signs Of A Reconditioned Car Battery

Reconditioned batteries have a very short service life. Even though the price is relatively cheaper, the money spent on buying reconditioned batteries can be greater than buying a new battery. You certainly don’t want to be like that right? Apart from that, read this blog if you want to know more about jumper cables.

Let’s identify some characteristics of reconditioning batteries like the following:

Commonly Sold on the Roadside, Not a Large Store

You can’t find reconditioned batteries in a big shop. Usually, these batteries are sold in auto parts stores on the roadside. So if you intend to buy a car battery in that place, be more careful!

Scratches Until Battery Color Change

When you are going to buy a battery on the roadside, first try checking the poles, covers, and also the color of the surface. If the poles have scratches, the cover part is bubbling, and the color has changed to fade, it could be that the battery is reconditioning.

These three things are the most common characteristics to recognize whether the battery is reconditioned or not. If you don’t feel confident about the battery, try to trace the condition further by communicating to the seller. The answers offered by the battery seller can certainly be used as an assessment of whether the battery is reconditioned or not.

Not Full Battery Warranty

A new battery is sold under the warranty of the manufacturer. Usually, the length of the warranty offered by the manufacturer is around one year. If the warranty is given less than that, you should be suspicious of them.

Many say, reconditioned batteries are often equipped with a warranty. However, the warranty is given in just a matter of months. Usually, the warranty only reaches three months.

Well, when you are going to buy a used car, checking the battery is really needed, you know. Do not let the dream car that you want to buy using a reconditioned battery so that it will be detrimental.