Short Hair Can Be Stylish, Try a Wavy Curl Tutorial for Short Hair Like This!

Who says short hair makes you so you can’t have any hairstyle? Try the following tutorial for short hair wavy curly hair, Suitable for an everyday look or going to parties. Check this out, ladies! When you have a short haircut, sometimes we are confused about how the styling is right for our hair. Long hairstyles make it easier for you to style, but that doesn’t mean short hair prevents you from having the hairstyle you want. If you are bored with a short straight hairstyle, you can try the following wavy curl for short hair tutorial. Easy and practical and very suitable for various occasions from starting hanging out with friends to going to a wedding. First of all, all you have to do is heat up the curly iron. If you don’t have one, the plug can also be your alternative. We recommend that you heat it to the lowest temperature so that it doesn’t damage your hair.

Before making your hair wavy, don’t forget to use hair vitamins. Spray hair vitamins that can protect your hair from the hot temperature of curly iron. Not splitting the hair vitamin will increase the chance of damage to your hair. Your hair is now ready for wavy curl. To get better results, take your hair vertically. This method will also make it easier for you to get more evenly distributed wavy curly hair. After successfully taking some of your hair, wrap it on a curly iron or hook, and leave it for about 5 seconds. Don’t heat your hair too long because if it’s too long the result will be too curly.

After finished, clean it with your hands. Don’t clean your hair using a comb because the comb can make your hair mess or even return your hair to its original shape. If you want this wavy curl hairstyle to last a long time, then use hairspray. But if you need this hairstyle only for a short time then you don’t need to use hairspray, just spray a little hair vitamin.