Risk of Shisha or Hookah

Shisha is a way to enjoy tobacco in a different style. Some say that shisha is 100% safe, but not really, even the danger of shisha is the same as ordinary cigarettes. However, the name tobacco still has nicotine, it’s just lower than cigarettes. This may be because it is lighter and has been mixed with water as a filter and not even rarely mixed with wine. You can visit our website if you are want to Buy Hookah Tobacco.

Shisha is a pipe used for smoking where a mixture of tobacco and molasses sugar or flavorings is sucked. Tobacco is heated under charcoal, heat pushes smoke into a water container where it overflows and then leaves the water container through the hose and is inhaled. As reported by Health Europa, there is a misperception that keeps mentioning that shisha is not dangerous, whereas the opposite is true. While the World Health Organization (WHO) explains that water in shisha pipes absorbs some of the nicotine from tobacco, but not all of them, so the nicotine absorbed by smokers can still cause serious addiction and other long-term health problems.

Shisha smokers are at risk of many diseases that are as dangerous as regular smokers, along with the dangers:

1. Lung cancer
Just like ordinary cigarettes, the danger of shisha is also at risk for lung cancer. This disease is a major cause of cancer deaths in men and women because it is very difficult to treat. Again this is because of the harmful content in tobacco.

2. Stomach cancer
Frequently sucking this causes injury and inflammation because blood flow to the stomach and intestinal walls decreases, so there is a risk of stomach or stomach cancer. Symptoms of gastric cancer are characterized by blood in the stool to feel abdominal pain. However, often, gastric cancer has no symptoms at an early stage, or symptoms can be vague, subtle, and non-specific – such as nausea or weight loss.