Replace The Bowstring When It Is Snapped

The purpose of archery in history is for hunting and surviving tools. But in the modern days, archery is considered a sport. One of the most common accidents that happen in modern archery is crossbow bowstring snap. And when that happens you need to do crossbow string replacement immediately. The reason for crossbow snap is related to the material of the string that is made of fibers. In the past, the strings are made of natural fibers or sinew. Nowadays, the strings are made of synthetic fiber with so many varieties that could suit everyone wants and needs. But no matter the material is used, traditional or modern ones, fibers are easily breaking. Gradually the fibers of the crossbow string are losing their strength whenever you draw an arrow with it. The force applied to the strings creates friction on the strands when they are rubbing against each other. It will lead to fraying and eventually break.

Whenever you found out that your strings are fraying you should immediately replace the string with the new one or it could cause a worse accident. However, there is one thing that you could do to delay the process of fraying and drying out of the strings that are waxing the string. Many archers don’t take waxing their strings seriously and it could cause harm to their body. A wax will prevent the strings from drying out and that means it will prolong its lifespan. You do not have to worry about the wax available because there are so many of them that will suit your needs. However, you might want to avoid the scented wax because the smell could be too strong and you will have a hard time to focus on the target. But, if you want to use scented wax try the natural fragrance so it would not be bothering your target practice shooting.