Recognize any mistakes in storing skincare that many women do

Usually, many women need makeup and skincare to look after and take care of their faces. For this reason, there must be a lot of skincare and makeup. The vanity make-up is certainly the item needed to store the makeup and skincare that is owned. Now there is a Home Furniture Adviser, where you can choose makeup vanity according to your needs.

In saving makeup and skincare, there are many people who do it wrong. Especially to save skincare. Usually, mistakes in storing skincare that many women do are

1. Save it in bathroom
In addition to bathing, girls also often do maintenance in the bathroom.
So sometimes we like to store some skincare products such as moisturizers and facial foam in the bathroom.
The fact is that moist air can make the skincare content change and lose its benefits. Try to keep it in a room with a stable and not humid air temperature.

2. Keep it in the refrigerator
Some of you would love to keep eye cream or facial moisturizers in the fridge right? Because it will give a cold effect when applied on the face. Well, it’s best not to store it in the refrigerator.
Because there are some skin care products whose contents will stay awake when stored at room temperature.

3. Affected by direct sunlight
Storing any type of beauty product should not be in an area exposed to direct sunlight.
Because high temperatures make the product quality decline. Especially skincare products that contain vitamin C, Retinol and Benzoyl Peroxide.

For these three reasons, there is a make-up vanity that is needed by women to store all their makeup or skincare. by storing it in the room, the makeup and skincare you have can be at room temperature and there are no lost benefits from all these products. Make sure that the make up vanity that is owned is the right item and according to your needs at that time.