If you want to open a laundry business, the initial capital needed is not too big. You can observe the development of the business, if you experience a graph that is always increasing, then you can grow this business even greater. With only one washing machine capital and also a small room for customers to receive or hand clothes that they want to wash, this business can actually run. Additionally, if you also plant to accept orders from places such as hospitals and hotels, perhaps you also need to buy the best Lavadora Industrial.

In order to run this business in order to run well, you must have knowledge of the types of fabrics, types of stains, etc. The following are things that you need to pay attention before opening the laundry business.

You must know how to wash clothes properly. Know the various types of fabrics, as well as how to wash and dry them properly.

Get to know the type of stain that sticks to your clothes, uses the right cleansing soap so you can clean the stain without damaging the color of the fabric.

Use equipment that matches the size of the business you are running. If you have just started a laundry service business, you should use only minimal equipment, the most important thing is that clothes in the laundry can be clean and neat.

Calculate how much labor is needed to open this business. Using labor effectively will help you save on operational costs.

Prepare costs for operations for the next three months. Calculate operational costs such as paying for electricity, leasing a business place, the cost of buying detergent and water must be calculated properly.

Aside from that, each run a business obstacle and also obstacles can come at any time. It does not rule out the obstacles that also affect your laundry business. Here are some of the obstacles that usually affect the laundry service business.

Customers usually request fast processing time. Therefore, if in a crowded condition, it is necessary to set the time so as not to interfere with customer service.

Communities that already have their own washing machines, thus reducing your potential customers.


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