Many responses being vegan will cause a person to be unhealthy because they do not get protein, vitamins, and other nutrients from animal foods. This is not entirely true because by adjusting the right diet, what worries many people about the risk of being vegan can be avoided and the nutrients the body needs will be fulfilled. Speaking of veganism and meat, it must have occurred to you that these two things are opposites. The question is, can a vegan eat meat? To anticipate this, innovations in the food world have begun to develop, namely the manufacture of imitation meat available at

At first, many were confused with the concept of this imitation meat, how can vegetable ingredients be made into meat. Why is it called imitation? Because the meat is not the original but it is made according to the original meat from the texture, taste, to the nutritional content. With the shrewdness of seasoning, the experience you get will be the same as eating real meat. The vegan meats that are in the shop are now designed to be the same as animal meat. The shop sells vegan meat that is free of traditional meat products, such as bacon or sausage. Many vegan products have increased in demand in recent years. Because at this time the number of people who do not use food derived from animal products continues to increase. Meanwhile, others have also reduced the amount of meat and milk they consume each week.

All of them are designed to imitate animal meat. It tastes like animal meat. This vegan meat also has the same texture as animal meat. Alternative meat that has the best taste and texture and nutrition from meat without negative impacts on health, animals, and the environment. Some of the benefits of their product include “cholesterol-free”, “handmade”, and “rich protein”. Meat that looks like meat, but is made 100 percent from plants (plant-based). Meat does not have to be obtained from livestock. Because in the future, this earth will not be able to meet the needs of “meat” if you have to use livestock methods.


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