Overcoming Dry Lips

Dry and cracked lips will make a person feel uncomfortable, in addition, it can also disrupt the appearance so as to make anyone who experienced it to be less confident. You can visit our website and find various natural beauty information for women.

Previously you need to know what causes the dry lips, so it will help us to overcome and prevent it. Unlike the other skin, the lips do not have oil glands. It is for this reason that the lips are easier to dry and if it becomes severe cracked. The loss of moisture in the skin of the lips will cause dry lips even cracked. This can happen because of exposure to sunlight, dry air or because of the habit of licking the lips.

When it happens Chapped Lips, we can see the gaps look red and painful even if severe can be bleeding. Therefore, here’s a simple way to deal with dry and cracked lips that you can do yourself at home:

1. Use Lip Balm
One way to protect the lips from the dry and hot air is to use lip balm. In addition to preventing, lip balm can also overcome dry lips and cracked.

2. Use Honey for Dry Lips
As an alternative to lip balm, you can use honey to overcome dry lips and cracked. Honey has anti-bacterial properties that can be used as a natural moisturizer. Apply pure honey on the lips several times a day.

3. Avoid Licking Lips
When the lips are dry, most people will wet it with saliva by licking the lips or putting it into the mouth, maybe this is instinct. But you know, saliva or saliva will evaporate quickly, it will leave a lips dryer than before and will even aggravate chapped lips.

4. Make sure the Body does not Lack Liquids
Dry lips are one of the signs of dehydration or lack of fluids, therefore it is enough to need fluids with plenty to drink especially if you are sweating or when it’s hot. In addition to maintaining a healthy body, adequate drinking can also cope and prevent dry lips and cracked.