Oil Spills in the Sea Has Become a Serious Issue

Transfer of oil at sea is one step to save cost and time. Tanker does not need to always be anchored on the beach. But of course, the transfer of oil has a very big risk, because fuel oil is very flammable. There have been many reports of workplace accidents at sea, which can not immediately get the maximum help because it is located far from the mainland. To overcome this, the marine breakaway coupling is made so that accidents can be reduced.

Marine breakaway coupling is the hardware that plays a very important role when the process of oil transfer is done. This device will stop the flow of oil if there is an indication of a hose accident, especially when the tanker is off the track due to a belay failure. Previously, when not yet using a marine breakaway coupling, work accidents are easier to happen and result in oil spills in the sea on a very large scale. A sudden pull of a hose can lead to a tanker accident, such as explosive or something. The huge amount of oil spills will also affect the marine ecosystem, causing many losses. However, after using a marine breakaway coupling, the flow of oil can be determined right away and will reduce the scale of the oil spill at sea.

The oil spill has become a serious issue and is still searching for ways to handle it. As an illustration, the oil spill in the sea will make the fish hard to breathe. Seabirds are a direct component of coastal life that can be seen and greatly affected by oil spills. The most obvious effect on seabirds is the occurrence of physical illness. Floating oil is especially dangerous for the life of seabirds who like to swim on the water. The bodies of these birds will be covered by oil, then in their effort to rid their bodies of oil, they will usually lick their feathers, consequently, they drink lots of oil and eventually poison themselves.