right now, there are various types of washing machines that you can use to wash clothes at home. Whatever the type, the industrial washing machine or what you normally use at home must be chosen that really suits your own needs. One of the best quality industrial washing machines for years is the caldera pirotubular. With a good quality washing machine, you can also get good washing results.

Using a washing machine does need to pay attention to a few tips so you can save electricity when using the washing machine. Below are some of the tips in question

1. Natural drying
is one of the best electricity saving tips. Avoid using a washing machine to completely dry the laundry. The drying cycle takes up a lot of energy because the washing machine must heat the temperature inside the tube. After the excess water in the laundry is lost with medium speed, you can hang the clothes to dry. Besides being cheap, sunlight can also help remove stains on white cloth and eliminate unpleasant odors that can come out of the clothes you wash.

2. Wash with cold water
This is the main key to saving electricity because most of the washing machine’s electricity consumption is used to heat water. So, choose cold water to wash your clothes with a washing machine.

3. Select the detergent that matches the washing machine
Detergents that are in accordance with the washing machine used make the clothes can be maximally clean and keep the washing machine durable. The right detergent will also make you wash only once and do not need to repeat because the clothes you wash are clean with one wash.

Consider these three things when using a washing machine so you can save electricity in your home.


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