Not Pregnant? Make Sure You Choose The Right Condom For Him

You and your partner would want comfort and pleasure to run simultaneously during lovemaking, right? That is also offered by an object called condoms. This little thing you must have when having sex if not taking birth control pills or using other contraceptives. Especially if you intend to postpone pregnancy. It is not only the duty of a man to choose this Ladies’ safety rubber, you also play an important role in determining whether the contraceptive is safe and comfortable to wear. Research shows that condoms can be guaranteed to be effective in preventing pregnancy by 97% when used correctly and consistently. Not only that, condoms also prevent dangerous sexually transmitted disease as much as 87%. Many condom producers offer a wide variety of condoms and variations such as materials, sizes, textures, even flavors that can glow in the dark. But you do not need all that in a package, you just need to find one that fits.

Do not let the couple buy a larger size or even smaller than the size of Mr.P because of course reduce comfort during lovemaking. For texture, if your Miss V wall is too sensitive and painful when using a textured one, better avoid it. For taste, especially if you like enough challenges and try new things like oral sex, this can be a pleasure enhancer. You just have to choose which flavors you like, but if the taste chemicals actually cause problems with Miss V, you better choose something else. Since most condoms sold in Indonesia are made of latex, if you or an allergic partner with this one ingredient, you can use other contraceptives as long as it is safe and comfortable for you and your partner.

If couples argue about using condoms because of discomfort, it is advisable to choose a condom material with a texture to make the couple feel comfortable. Now also has a lot of choice of condoms that can be selected according to taste and needs. Now many condom materials are thin but still safe. Materials used such as latex. So unlike using condoms, the right condom can improve the quality of the couple’s relationship. Using the right condom can make the couple feel more comfortable, especially when the condom can remove the limits. Condoms will help improve the quality of intercourse.