Watching movies is something that is loved by anyone without looking at age. Ease of watching, such as streaming on homepage, is also a reason for children to watch movies. Films do provide many benefits to children who watch, then what about TV?

Don’t worry and panic first. Although often referred to as harming children, it turns out television also has a positive impact on the growth and development of your baby. So, as parents, do not rush to forbid children to watch tv. Accompany children and make a proper daily watching schedule. The duration of watching television that is right for children is no more than 1-2 hours per day.

So, what are the positive benefits that can be obtained by children from watching television?

Adding insight. Television can add insight into children’s audiovisual through educational shows. For example, such as impressions about culture in other countries, about wildlife, or even about the beauty of nature and science. It is your job as a parent to choose television shows that are appropriate for the child’s age and are also educational.

Teach children about the process. Not only adding insight, but television can also teach children about the process of something. For example, the process of plant growth or how to make a cake. Shows like this will certainly be more imprinted in the minds of children, compared to reading in books because children can see firsthand how the process.

Complementary learning in school. Not all material can be learned at school. For that, you can use television as a complementary learning tool for interesting children. Subscribing to informative and educative television channels also does not hurt. Thus, children can get more information beyond the things he learned at school.

Entertainment and emotional release. Cartoons and also animations can be a means of releasing emotions for children. Children can laugh broadly when watching a funny scene and make it more relaxed. However, don’t forget to be picky about animation shows: because there are also cartoons that contain violence and scenes that are not appropriate for children to watch.

That is some positive benefits of watching television. Do not forget to limit the duration of watching and always accompany when children watch, yes. May be useful!


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