New Technologies in 2017

Technological developments have progressed so rapidly and rapidly since the discovery of machines and computers the world of technology undergoes such a drastic development, even we can say every wink in the eyes of other earth emerging latest technological innovations. The rapid development of technology and even sometimes not overtaken by us so that many of us who feel left behind by technological advances.

In 2017, there are some new technologies to be released and predicted to be a trend in the community, what are the advanced technologies in 2017 predicted to be more pampering humans? These are some of the technologies:

1. AI and advanced learning machine

The first advanced technology in the year 2017 is AI that stands for artificial intelligence and the advanced learning machine, this technology is actually not a recent invention, but the development of the previous technology. This technology can be applied in self-contained vehicles, robots, consumer electronics, visual personal assistants, and smart advisors.

The technology is a development of the previous device that is AI, which is then called as the learning machine. This technology will make devices and technology programs more sophisticated, such as being able to learn, understand, adapt and allegedly can operate independently. This discovery is certainly very meaningful, especially in the robotic world, and did not rule out this machine learning is the seed of robots that can communicate and coexist with humans like in the movies.

2. Digital twin

Digital twin is the latest invention in the field of digital technology, with digital twin software will look more dynamic in terms of physical and system. The latest twin digital technology work system is relying on sensor-supplied data to respond to changes, understand circumstances, and improve performance. This system is allegedly going to replace traditional human resources and monitoring skills in service planning, and improve plant operation equipment.