New Archers Must Know The Basic Types Of Common Bows

Arrows have various shapes and models. There are the common types of bow, such as the longbow, short bow, and also recurve bow. You need to know the basic types of the bow that people commonly use in archery.

Here are the 3 types of the most common basic bows:

1. Long Bow (Long Bow)

Long Bow is a type of bow that is known to be the oldest. This bow is made of wood or 7a ra. The dimensions are quite long, about the same as the height of the user, usually can reach 2 meters. This long arc dimension is intended so that the bow can be drawn until it reaches the user’s face.

One variant of this bow, the English Long Bow, was widely used by the British in warfare before the function of this bow as a weapon was replaced by firearms. The draw weight of this arc can reach 160 lb or about 710 N.

2. Short Bow

This bow is a shorter version design of longbow or flat bow. The weakness of the short bow is that the pull is not long considering the bow is also short.

Therefore the short bow also has a shorter range but more speed compared to a longbow or flat bow. The short bow used to be used for hunting purposes by tribes of inland America and Africa.

3. Recurve Bow

Recurve bow is a type of bow that is used as a standard for international competition. The Recurve bow has the characteristic of a branch section that curves away from the archer. This form of arc allows the arc to store the same power with a straight-shaped arc with a shorter arc length. With quality and lightweight material, and maximum curvature is very helpful to reduce the pull and speed that is much faster than the previous generation of arc types.