There are many ways to keep the floor clean and hygienic, including hiring bathroom tile regrouting. One common method is to mop. Regular mopping the floor is as important as washing your favorite leather sofa. Even though mopping the floor sounds simple, there are many mistakes that actually make the floor unhygienic. Well, so that errors can be minimized, you can listen to three mistakes when mopping the following floor.

Lazy to Sweeps the Floor First
Instead of wanting homework to finish quickly, maybe a lot of people immediately mopped the floor without being swept first. There is a lot of dust or dirt on the floor. Larger dust or dirt particles will scratch the floor when you immediately mop it. In fact, even the smallest particles will even spread to the room area, so the floor will get dirty.

More Floor Cleaner for Cleaner?
This assumption is actually wrong. Use enough floor cleaning liquid according to the recommended amount. First, check the instructions printed on the bottle of floor cleaning liquid that you already have. If it’s too much, the floor will be very slippery, and can even trigger more dust. Of course, you don’t want it if later the job of cleaning the floor is heavier, right?

Not Replacing Dirty Mop Water
If all this time you only provide one bucket of water to mop, try this time to provide 2 buckets of water. When the water in the first bucket is dirty, you can immediately use the mop water in the second bucket. Dirty water, even if it has been mixed with floor cleaner, will further pollute the floor when you use it to mop. In fact, the floor will be far more dirty and dusty than before. This is the same as you need to wash the carpet when it looks dirty so that the dust or bacteria in it do not disturb your health


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