For boxers, Muhammad Ali is a myth. It is very difficult if you don’t want to say impossible, to match his achievements in and out of the ring. For many, Muhammad Ali is the best boxer of all time. Meanwhile, for hip hop musicians, he is an inspiration as well as an important figure in the birth of this musical genre. Ali was one of the greatest boxers ever to appear in human civilization. However, perhaps, not many people know about The Greatest’s slice of hip hop music. Additionally, if you need some hip-hop beats for your videos, you can simply Buy beats online.

The way of delivery, the style of speech, and the choice of diction made Muhammad Ali an important milestone and foundation in the early development of this music genre in the United States (US). The Greatest was skilled at building rhyming word schemes to translate into poetic sentences. Whether he said it during the trash-talker as a boxer or when he gave speeches, he became a martyr for the black movement.

When traced, hip hop or rap was born from the creativity of blacks of African descent in the Bronx, New York, USA, in the early 1970s. This music is a means of expression against the injustices that occurred at that time.

In its development, hip hop shifted into glamorous music with various luxuries that accompany it. However, some artists emphasize the essence of hip hop is resistance.

From the style of dress, writing lyrics, to music arrangement. Freedom of expression and creativity in the realm of art and culture are important elements of hip hop, and Muhammad Ali is a manifestation of resistance and freedom of expression which is the main spirit of this musical genre. The influence was no longer merely rhymed rhymes.

The saga of the boxer’s name change is an open secret. He changed his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali in 1964 as a form of resistance to racism.


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