Make Sure You Choose the Right Bed

Similar to both parents, your child also needs a warm and comfortable bed. Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing for your child’s bed. You can choose a cot with a pedestal that can be raised or lowered or called an adjustable bed. That is, the bed can be adjusted to the age of your child. The top size is for your newborn child, middle size for ages 3 months and up, then the lowest size for a larger age, which prevents your child from climbing out of his own bed, which is prone to injury.

– Material bed
Choose a bed made of solid wood that is smoothly sanded all over the parts, then painted with non-toxic paint that can adversely affect the child’s health. Beds from rust-vulnerable iron, also sometimes have sharp parts that can scratch your child’s body.

– The type of mattress
For babies, choose a hard mattress and size fit with the bed. Hard mattresses are better for the growing anatomy of your growing child. Mattresses that are too soft to immerse the baby’s face also heightens the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Make sure there is no interruption between the mattress and the bed, to prevent your child from being pinched inside.

– Mosquito net
To prevent mosquitoes and other insect disorders, attach mosquito nets around the crib. Choose thin ones and have a weight on the bottom, to ensure your child is completely protected.

For you to know, by choosing a bed for your child, not only will your child be able to sleep comfortably, but also make your child accustomed to sleeping alone. In addition to good health for children, because your child does not jostle with others who can make it contracting the disease, your child also learn independently.