Maintaining the rail of a garage door

You should always pay attention to the rail so as not to dry or always lubricate, because if the TOP RAIL dry conditions will affect the movement of the WHEEL so that when opening or closing, the Garage Door and Room Insulator will feel WEIGHT.
And if this is left for a long time it will impact on the damage to the WHEEL, then the Garage Door and Insulator of your room cannot be opened or closed, it can be termed Loss.

In order for the TOP RAIL & WHEELS are NOT DRY make sure to always provide GREASE or better known as grease Portes de Garage MB.
Enter GREASE as much as possible (do not overdo it because it can contaminate the Doors) into the RAIL on both sides and preferably on the Rail Connection. Doing GREASE no later than 3 months or more often is better.


Make sure the LOWER RAIL is always CLEAN because if there is dirt in the Rail it will hamper the smooth movement of the LOWER WHEEL.
And make sure the LOWER RAIL is always DRY because if the LOWER RAIL is wet (stagnant water) it will impact on the LOWER WHEELS so that they will quickly BROKEN.
So that the water is not stagnant inside the RAIL make a drain (made before installation of the GARAGE RAIL)
If there is already a rusty one, then it can be attempted with WD-40 and after that GREASE oil must be given.


It’s because if this COMPONENT is DRY, it will cause the movement of the Door to become stiff or sometimes make a noise when opening or closing the Garage Door and Room Barrier.

To avoid it all use any OIL or OIL including cooking oil.

Drop enough OIL / OIL (Do not overdo it so as not to contaminate the Doors) at the meeting part of the HINGE, WHEEL WINGS or Holes on GRENDEL.