Little tricks for avoiding being spied on virtually

Everyone will know if Google is the king of the online world and know a lot about us. Yes, lots of products and services from Google are very useful but can be used for free. Although it’s actually not really free, Google instead tracks our activity for all the services we use. Google itself has provided a special page called my activity, where you can learn any information from you that is tracked and recorded by Google. Meanwhile, you can also try Bug Detector if you want to be more secure from any kinds of surveillance.

However, there may be some things Google knows more about you but you may not know it.

Although Google collects various information from users of its services. However, you actually have the authority to decide whether Google can spy on or not.

Whatever You Book on the Internet

Do you like shopping online? Google knows what you message from e-commerce sites. They can track your package by looking into a Gmail account.

To see more details, how can you go to on your Android or desktop browser and do a search with the keyword “My Packages”.

Web & App Activity

Honestly first knowing this, Jaka was shocked. How not, all your activities on Android smartphones as well as on laptops are tracked in great detail. As:

Start with a list of any apps you use on Android all day, even all the time.

Your voice search was recorded, either using Google Assitant or Google Now.

What you open on the internet was recorded, ranging from the news you read, text search, images, and video, to the sites you visit.

Until information about the Android device itself and also the applications, you install from the Google Play Store.

Fortunately, all that you can stop by deleting and you can reset it. How to?

Go to My Activity page and make sure you are logged in to your Google account.

There you can see by groups or items. You can also see more Google activity.

To delete, click the “Delete activity by” option. Next, you can delete by topic or product.

In addition, you can also delete by time, starting today, 7 days, last 30 days or all the time.

Then choose to delete “All products” or per specific category only.