Your Life Starting Feeling Heavy? Rest Assured that God is On Your Side

In life, there are times when all humans have a very dark period, a time that they can not even tell anyone. Life does not always provide the beauty and happiness that we always dreamed of. However, believing that god is real will make the life you live, it will make you believe that you are a strong man who can pass through.

As humans, there are many reasons that make us feel God is an unjust giver of life. We have thoughts that make us always blame God. In fact, what we have to do in the midst of a storm of life that sometimes tortures is to believe that God never leaves us alone.

• Believe that God is the most appropriate place to complain
If all this time you feel that you are living alone, or just feel that nobody cares about your problem. Then you’re wrong. You still have God in your life. Even in your own soul, God lives. He is happy to listen and listen to all your complaints and stories you share with him. He even becomes the most appropriate secret keeper if your problem is a very personal matter.

• Often greet God
God is always in your soul, He dwells there for a long time. You’re just reluctant to say hello or just hug her. He is always faithful even though you repeatedly leave and forget him. He is there to wait for you to go home. You do not have to travel far because He is in your soul. You are just too busy with all the world’s affairs and all the things you dream about. You forget that there is a God who is watching every step you take.

• He gives you what you need
You may feel that He is unjust for not giving you what you want. But trust me that He always gives you what you need. Something you want is not necessarily what you need, right? So do not be too quick to judge God. You should be able to see what he gives from the other side.