Know What Color Candles Only You Use At Home And The Meaning Behind It

Many people use wax as a symbol of light and warmth. In fact, many people also use spiritual candles for the various ritual processions that they run. You must also often use a candle if worshiping in church. This has been done since millions of years ago and is still done today.

In addition to spiritual candles, it turns out, the color of candles that you use at home can also bring various impacts because it is stored messages in it. Some of the candlelight that contains the message in it is

– Red
If you light a red candle or set in a red candlestick, it symbolizes love, intense passion, good health, high energy, prosperity, and courage. Many also assume that red also means a natural anti-depression that can help release negative energy.

– Blue
If you are wearing blue candles or blue candlesticks, it means symbolizing eternal love, peace, meditation, deep relaxation from within you, patience, and calmness at rest.

– White and pink
This color symbolizes love, joy without worry, kindness, patience, and peace of self as well as a gentle heart and purity in living the life you are facing. If you are feeling a lot of trouble, then this color you can use because it will effect for yourself.

– Purple
The usual purple color symbolizes imagination, dreams, creativity, spiritual awareness, spiritual growth, balance and freedom in living the life you are living up to now.

– Green
This green color will symbolize good health, recovery, growth, regeneration, peace, healing, and mental, physical and spiritual cleansing.

– Yellow
This color symbolizes optimism, positivity, positive progress, hope and various things based on positive understanding and thinking that can make your soul feel more energized and free.