Know What Causes Herpes

In general, a person has skin herpes disease because of a virus that is transmitted by varicella-zoster virus. This actually started from chickenpox. At the time someone suffers from chickenpox disease then this varicella-zoster virus will be settled but in a state of inactivity. Well, when a person’s immune system decreases then the virus will reactivate and spread to the peripheral nerve to the skin. This condition will eventually lead to herpes disease. If you suffer from herpes and want to find the best treatment, it can be a great idea to take advantage of herpes blitz protocol.

If these conditions continue to be allowed then the virus will multiply and form small spots of anger that will eventually form a bubble filled with water. In general, herpes skin disease is more common in elderly and immunosuppressive people or someone who has a weak immune system. So it can be concluded that one of the causes of herpes disease in the skin lack of nutrient intake in the body that can cause the immune system is reduced.

The virus named varicella zoster will cause a person experiencing abnormalities or abnormal conditions on the skin. One sign that will arise due to this virus attack is the condition of the skin is red and like there is a bubble of water. In addition, there are still many signs that arise due to varicella zoster virus attack as a symptom of herpes:

– About a week after getting exposed to attack some parts of the skin will appear red rash
– About a week from the onset of a rash will form a liquid in the rash that causes the skin condition to become bulging
– Uncertain temperature, sometimes up and down
– If this herpes occurs in infants it will cause baby convulsions, can even disrupt the brain system
– Easy weak and often feel sore on the muscles
– The occurrence of respiratory disorders
– If conditions worsen herpes sufferers will experience disruption to the health of the liver