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IKO also was known as Instant Knockout is a man supplement product that claimed burning fat faster in a short time period than other burning fat supplement. This supplement comes in a capsule with a bright red color. It is formulated from ten natural ingredients with three core ingredients consist of green tea extract, glucomannan, and cayenne pepper seeds. The main ingredients will responsible to boost your metabolism. Faster metabolism resulted in faster body fat burning. The other seven ingredients will responsible to suppress your appetite and boost your energy fuel. Combining these ten ingredients with intense work out will make you burn fat in the most effective, health and short period.

The ingredient that been used in it already going through intensive research and experience resulting in the knockout fat burner. The benefit of this product has been proven by their high demand product especially in MMA Fighter and ProBoxers athlete. Hence why this product expands their market into the average people instead of the original intention for athlete usage. There are three steps of burning fat use for a knockout capsule. First is boosting your body metabolism to increase the fat burning and maximizing fat burning process even with light activity. The second stage is reducing your appetite to prevent unhealthy and high carbohydrate consumption that will contribute to adding fat body storage. The last stage increases your energy. Increasing the energy will help you more active especially in an intensive workout such as cardio and heavy gym session, this will burn more body fat than usual workout. It is not as hard as you imagine, isn’t it? It also helps you achieve your defined and lean body in short time. Try it by yourself and see what it does to your body and overall health. Start now and see the result, happy exercise!