Scaffold tower installation is a risky activity for those who do it, as well as for the general public. That is why it is better to use Hire In service to ensure safety. This instructional guide provides the steps that need to be followed by people who are involved in such work. It is aimed at those who work directly in the construction industry, as well as for planning supervisors, contractors and key clients. To ensure scaffold tower operations are carried out safely, here are the most important points to consider.

Foundations are essential for any construction. Carrying out construction work in an uneven or unstable field is bad practice and can be very dangerous. The surface or ground must be as stable as possible and the ground must be impenetrable and must be able to support scaffold tower, even in wet weather. Ensuring security is a priority. Never cut corners when structural safety is concerned. Make sure the structure is as safe as possible at all times, as well as safety equipment such as goggles, hard hats and gloves, all of the good quality. Stairs, handrails, footboards and access gates must be equipped for each completed stage. If not done accordingly, it will put you and your co-workers at great risk.

Public safety is an important factor to consider. The community must be kept away from the work area and surrounding areas while scaffold tower operations are in progress. The steps to ensure this include while the operation is in progress, temporary road closures may be carried out. Integrate crash decks, tunnels and fans into scaffold tower as soon as possible. Put up signs and obstacles and divert the public from operations. Notice disabled people need suitable access along the sidewalks surrounded by scaffold tower. Store scaffold tower clips safely and other loose material in scaffold tower and be careful not to lift or unload materials from other site workers or the general public.


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