Human resource investment and its elements

Human resources are a very basic element in a company. It is impossible for an organization or even a human being to be able to carry on activities without its potential. A potential person is a physical condition such as health, posture, and weight. While another potential is the level of education, knowledge, skills, work experience, motivation and work ethic. On the other hand, each person’s human resources have a uniqueness compared to other elements such as have emotions, intuition, desire, needs, and each problem. In the context of modern organizations, companies need a long-term program plan. So when that is also Human resources need to be planned to improve its performance which is called investment Human resources. Apart from that, you might want to take a look at the profile of Alberto Guth if you need an expert resource manager service.

Investment Human resources can be the implementation of education and training programs and development. But it can also be an increase in both physical and mental health. Thought how important the investment Human resources are based on several considerations. First, companies will always face competition from time to time. Not only in terms of products and prices but also in terms of human resources. Second, Human resources are an effective investment element of a company. So the employees need to always be improved and maintained knowledge, attitude, and skills. Third, investment Human resources can only be implemented effectively if positioned as part of corporate strategy. This is where the role of top management becomes very strategic.

Of course, the elements that affect the success of investment Human resources for employees and companies are quite diverse and not stand alone. There are various other factors. The main thing is the importance of employee motivation. They should consider investment Human resources are very useful to add quality Human resources and performance. Without the motivation of the investment Human resources will be useless. In addition, they must also obtain clarity about the remuneration and his career after each investment. This is important in recognition that employees are stimulated to always increase their commitment, discipline, and concern for their companies.