How To Get A Mug

Mugs – or glasses that have a handle – are actually familiar as a container of warm/hot drinks. Its existence, popular with coffee lovers, although now: mugs are commonly found as household appliances; wedding souvenir; up to advertising media. You can get funny mugs by visiting our website.

The history of the invention of the mug itself is believed to have existed in the Stone Age. At least, some archeological studies say, there have been findings in the form of mug glasses made of bone size. Well, the development is then in line with the journey of coffee shops in the world. In 1475, for example, when a coffee shop first appeared in Constantinople. At that time, the mug used was still made of wood.

Mugs are available in various attractive shapes and designs; includes cartoon characters, graphic images, to illustrations of human faces! No wonder, besides functioning as a “beverage container”; mugs are also often used as souvenirs for the closest person; graduation prize; or even a wedding souvenir. Moreover, this is also supported by the presence of mug producers in many cities.

Often, the mug ordering process ends up disappointing. The causes vary, including the poor design on the surface; the coak part; until the base color is cloudy and dull. This is certainly very risky – considering that many mugs are on the market that threatens human health.

For those of you who are interested in buying quality mugs. Do not worry. This article will discuss how to choose various mugs and buy them, as needed.

Choose a mug with a white base. Not only does it look clean and “new” when viewed. White base colored mugs indicate that your mug is clearly more quality and more beautiful.

Choose a coating mug. Not without reason, if you are advised to choose a mug with a coating (coating) on the surface. The type is very suitable for those of you who really have plans to print pictures or put a design on the surface. However, mug coating makes it easy for images to “stick” perfectly on the surface. At the same time, there will also be an exclusive impression – which manifests itself through the appearance of pure white and not murky.