If calculated in a day, maybe more than 1 hour we see content on social media. Starting from content in the form of writing, images, to videos we see. Of the many existing contents, animated videos are content that can grab our attention. The content presented in the animated video is quite diverse, some discuss culture, culinary, tourism, lifestyle, politics, sports, etc. This means that animated videos can be used to explain various things in a light and easy to understand way. Well, from the animated videos that have been circulating there are also animated videos that are quite different because the main display is white plus a moving hand image. It was included in the whiteboard animation especially with the use of easy sketch pro 3.0 that will help you create the best animation.

Whiteboard animation is known as a means of introducing your products or explaining things that have been explained verbally. Even though it looks easy like that, there are several things that you should pay attention to so that the whiteboard animation you make doesn’t end up in vain and has no positive effect. Show moving hands. It may seem like a trivial thing, but it is an important thing. With this hand, it creates a closeness to the audience, where this hand explains what you want to convey. White video background is something that cannot be contested. Using a white background can help with information retention. Also, using white and black emphasizes important things.

Surely what you want is an original and unique style. Even though this if done excessively can also have an ugly effect on the video. Fill it in using a style that has become a hallmark of whiteboard animation. If you want to make changes, make sure they are suitable and appropriate. Many people confuse “simple” video as a video with a minimalist and neat style. If you use a little colour composition, then the use of animation is important. Every move there is to help keep the viewer’s eye on your video as well as entertainment throughout the video. Whiteboard animation that does not use animation or uses very little animation will not be an effective video.


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