How To Check For The Existence Of Termites In Your Apartment

If you plan to buy an apartment for you to occupy or want to sell, a comprehensive apartment property inspection is a must. Often the prospective apartment owner only focuses on seeing visible things and ignores the potential damage from the structural apartment itself. At first glance, it seems impossible that termites can attack apartment buildings high above the ground, but it turns out tall buildings like apartments are still vulnerable to the danger of termite attacks because termites can travel vertically and horizontally from one unit to another. To check and eradicate termites in the apartment, you can use our services, orange county pest control top pest control solutions.

Termite infestation is not only an expensive problem, but it can also harm the structural stability of your apartment in the future. Even though the presence of termites cannot be seen by your eyes, early detection can help you find the symptoms of termite attacks and choose the right steps in eradicating termites in your home building.

– Mud tube

Often found located around termite nests, wooden structures, and concrete or stone foundations, mud tubes are made by termites to protect themselves from predators and dry environments when travelling between food sources and their nests. This is one of the main indicators that there are termites present on your property.

– Dirt and termite wings

The presence of termite droppings can indicate the presence of termite activity in your area. Termite faeces or often referred to as frass generally looks like sawdust.

If you find this mark, it usually indicates that there are dry wood termites in your area. Another indicator of termite activity is that they release wings on doors and cabinets.

Wings are often a sign of the presence of termites or larvae and will appear when temperatures are in high humidity and generally they go straight to bright areas.

– Damaged wood material

Not all damaged wood is easy for you to recognize. In addition to visually inspecting wood for holes or nests, another way to see damaged wood is by tapping on it.

Types of dry wood termites can mainly be found on doors, kitchen cabinets and wooden cabinets. Soil termites or subterranean termites, on the other hand, can be found on walls, floors or building structure beams. If you see that the wood sounds empty when you knock, this means that the termites have eaten wood from the inside.

– Signs of humidity

One of the most common signs of moisture found in your home is peeling wall paint on walls. Humidity gives termites the ideal conditions for breeding because humidity can help them keep away from direct sunlight.

Some of the things above are just a few things you can do Check the existence of termites in your apartment. If you find some signs of termites in the apartment that you want to occupy or sell, it does not mean this is the end of your life!