Here Are Some Preparations You Must Do Before Going To Dufan

When you are planning a vacation, one of the right attractions is to play. Dufan is one of the biggest playgrounds you can visit tiket ancol murah. There are many rides that you can choose from there. One of the rides that you can ride is arung jeram dufan. With a sensation like riding an authentic white water rafting, then you will feel your adrenaline challenged very high.

However, when you plan to go to Dufan, there are some preparations that you can do. You have to do some of these preparations for your own convenience. Some of the preparations in question are

1. Avoid wearing black clothes
Because Dufan is a playground that is outdoors, it would be better if you avoid black clothes that will make you feel hot. You must be friends with the sun’s heat. So, instead of feeling the heat when playing a game, it’s better to avoid using the black clothes you have.

2. Depart early, due to long lines
This you need to anticipation from the beginning. because, Dufan is a playground that many people visit, then you have to leave early because the queue will be very long, especially on weekends. For more details, Dufan can also be reached by public transportation, such as buses or private rides that you have.

3. Find out the ticket price
Usually, in certain times, Dufan will give promos for the tickets they sell. So, be diligent in checking the price of the ticket so you can get a promotional ticket. Starting from discounted prices to women-only prices and so on.

4. Check the ride
There are many rides that you can ride there. It’s good if you make a list of what rides you can ride and which you will ride there. However, you need to check whether the ride is being renovated or not because there are usually several rides that are in the maintenance stage.