Working at height is not the same as working on flat and low ground. Work at height has the potential for increased hazard. Think about it if you fall from a height, it will hurt, right? And can cause serious injury to death. Working at a height has a high risk of causing danger to occur around you. Therefore, the use of personal protective equipment is very important for personal safety. But until now, it seems that many workers pay less attention to personal safety when working at high altitudes. Even though it is clear that using personal protective equipment can reduce the risk of dangerous objects hitting you. Furthermore, the lack of attention to scaffolding that is being used can increase the risks of accidents as well. Therefore, you must only use the sturdy scaffolding that can be rent from the best Hire In company in the city.

The negligence of a worker can cause accidents for himself, others, or damage to work equipment at the location. To minimize accidents when working at height, you must pay attention to several important things when starting to work at height, namely:

1. Make sure you have a work permit to work at height
2. Explore and understand fall protection systems by wearing appropriate personal protective equipment
3. Secure the place to work at high altitudes
4. Use personal protective equipment (including full-body harness, lanyard, or lifeline) properly
5. Before you start working at a height, make sure the full body harness is used in good condition
6. Hook the hook higher than your waist to reduce the amount of shock when you fall
7. Use a standard ladder/scaffolding in the direction of the high workplace
8. When using the ladder, look at the angle of inclination and the position of the ladder must be stable
9. If you use scaffolding, emphasize the joints of the pipe scaffoldings that have been tied to the maximum at each end.
10. After the scaffolding has been installed, ask the officer to check and install a safety sign
11. After the work is done, clean the place as the previous situation
12. Don’t forget to close your work permit


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