Hackers got arrested because of cheating in PUBG

Like other games, the cheating problem also came to the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). This has been complained by many loyal players PUBG. In fact, some loyal gamers battle royale gameplay the most popular this claim PUBG has become a ‘hive’ hackers. Meanwhile, you can visit factschronicle to know more info about gaming.

In this game, they find many players who use various cheats, such as auto-aim to wallhacks (allowing players to see the opponent behind the wall).

Knowing this, many loyal players PUBG game that began to switch to play its competitors rival, the Fortnite.

Do not want to be left behind his loyal players and want to reduce the number of cheaters, PUBG Corp., as developers PUBG game also decided to take decisive action.

In a video game where the champion is the last man standing, cheating is intolerable. Therefore, the developers can’t sit idly and they’re going to do their best in protecting the game which becomes their source of income.

Developers of the game recently helped the authorities arrest 15 people suspects for being found to develop and sell cheats game PUBG game.

Not only that, PUBG Corp. also drag the players or parties who broker the transaction or run the market buying and selling cheat game program.

Furthermore, this arrest took place on April 25, 2018, after certainly there cheat program is infiltrated by Trojan.

As for the 15 suspects are fined about US$ 5.1 million.

Not the first

Local authorities reported, this hacking action using a backdoor virus made in China that is able to control the victim’s PC and retrieve their data illegally.

Just for information, this is not the first time someone arrested related to cheating making game PUBG.

Previously, Tencent, a publisher of games in China, worked with authorities to arrest 120 people for creating a cheat program for the game.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now available for download on Android, iOS, PC and Xbox One platforms.