The body does need antioxidants to fight free radicals. Free radicals themselves are the cause of various diseases and premature aging. Well, did you know that pine bark extract is rich in antioxidants and the best super foods? This content is what ultimately makes pinewood extract one of the most coveted herbs. This herbal ingredient turns out to have many benefits. Many scientists have researched the benefits of pine bark extract taken from French Maritime pine trees. This pine bark extract is used as an ingredient in various supplements, especially supplements for skin problems.

However, it turns out that pine bark extract also has good effects on various other body functions. Here are some of the benefits of pine bark extract.

Protects skin from UV damage
Exposure to ultraviolet or UV rays can cause damage to the skin in the form of premature aging. Skin wrinkles, sagging faster and looks blackish-brown spots. Especially in areas of the body exposed to UV rays. Pine bark extract as an antioxidant can help reduce skin damage. This pine bark extract helps increase moisture content in the skin and improves skin elasticity. This supplement works by increasing the enzymes that play a role in the formation of hyaluronic acid, which binds water to the skin. On dry skin, the effects of this supplement are even more noticeable.

Boosts the immune system
Pine bark extract has an immunomodulatory effect (boosts the immune system) by increasing the formation of immune cells. The benefits of pine bark extract were first felt by a group of people who were experiencing diseases due to a lack of vitamin C levels in the body. The content in this herbal extract is thought to be closely related to vitamin C and immune function.

Reduces premenopausal symptoms
In a 2013 study, premenopausal symptoms, especially sleep problems such as insomnia, were significantly reduced in patients who consumed pine bark extract for a month.


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