This Pilot Vanishing Point Collection fountain pen is a type of pen that is in great demand by fountain pen lovers, designed with a golden tip that makes it look luxurious and of course practical when carried anywhere. This pilot type fountain pen also comes with a luxurious and elegant box and it is also fairly easy to fill the ink. This pilot type pen is also available in various sizes of nibs such as the fine nib, medium nib, stub nib, broad nib, and an extra-fine nib. By using blue ink, this unique model is suitable for everyday use because this pen is very comfortable to use and this fountain product also includes a good fountain pen that is suitable for those of you who act as students and workers in offices.

For first-time Fountain Pen users, convenience is important. That’s why Pilot designed a simple pen that is great for beginners. Thanks to the many features that help make it easier for beginners to the world of the Fountain Pen, children and adults alike can experience the joy of writing with this fun instrument. Pilot Vanishing Point Collection Fountain Pen with a seamless shape suitable for everyday use. The Pilot collection features attractive classic colors and there is a design ring in the center of the barrel.

Combined with a nib made of stainless steel, this pen is suitable for both beginner and advanced users using a Fountain Pen. This pen product is suitable for you to use as a gift or souvenir. Besides, the pilot fountain pen product has a very good quality so you don’t need to worry or be confused anymore in choosing a product that is suitable for your school or office supplies and the pilot type fountain pen has the perfect pen shape.


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