Follow These Several Ways To Overcome Heartburn

Sometimes people still experience heartburn even though they have waited several hours after dinner before going to bed. If your sleep ability is disturbed by heartburn, try slightly raising your mattress in the head. With the position of the head slightly tilted, not parallel to the floor, the symptoms of your heartburn will decrease. If you want to find out How to get rid of heartburn fast, you can visit our website and we will tell you how.

You can raise the mattress on the head by making your bed tilt completely, or you can put a booster between the mattress and the bed. People report that this method is more effective than just putting more pillows behind your head. By using only more pillows, your neck can be stiff or the pile of pillows is released when you sleep, so your goals will not be achieved.


Strolling. Even though doing strenuous exercise after a meal can increase the risk of getting heartburn, some physical activity at a mild level can help alleviate the symptoms. Try to take a walk or ride a bicycle casually when you begin to feel the symptoms to see if physical activity can help get rid of symptoms of heartburn or not. Anxiety and stress can also make heartburn symptoms worse. The best way to deal with stress is to do the daily physical activity because this activity is effective enough to deal with heartburn caused by several things.

Eat small portions. Eating large portions of food can increase the risk of developing heartburn than if you eat moderately. The more food that is in the stomach, the higher the likelihood of stomach acid entering your esophagus. Choose small portions to see if this action reduces the appearance of heartburn.

Avoid foods that can trigger heartburn. Although heartburn is usually associated with the esophageal sphincter, many people experience heartburn when eating certain foods. One of the easiest ways to stop heartburn is to avoid foods that trigger. Some foods related to heartburn include:

Spicy food
Tomatoes (or products made from tomatoes such as pizza sauce and tomato sauce)
Acidic foods such as foods that contain citrus fruits
Fried or high-fat foods