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The Thai name in Thai is Prathet Thai, which implies “Land of Freedom.” Thailand is the only country that has never been colonized by European countries. Thailand has several names for centuries. For centuries Thailand has been known as big cities, such as Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, and Thonburi. Since the 1800s, Thailand has repeatedly changed names including Siam (from Sanskrit meaning dark or brown) and Thai.

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Thailand is home to the world’s largest golden Buddha, the largest crocodile pond, the largest restaurant, the longest one-hour suspension bridge, and the world’s longest hotel.

Thailand has the world’s largest fish, 12 meters Rhincodon typus, famous for whales. The highest point in Thailand is at Doi Inthanon, with an altitude of 8,514 feet (2,595 m) and is also a favorite tourist destination. Apparently, about 12,000 people visit the peak at every turn of the year. The lowest point is the sea. In the last century, northern Thailand was covered by a dense forest of large trees. Now only about 1/4 of the country leaves the forest. Thailand has a second rate of deforestation in Southeast Asia. Only Singapore lost much of the forest. Now deforestation is banned in Thailand.