Facts About Online Dating

More than 33 percent married couples meet from online dating. Even today, online dating ranks second as the most common way people use to find the moorings of their hearts. Friend acquaintance is still the most popular way to get a partner, but the percentage continues to decline since 1990 from 40 percent to just 28 percent. While the popularity of online dating has soared since the late ’90s to early 2000s. If you are looking for a life partner, you can visit our marriage sites.

People who meet online on average have never known at all. When people meet in this way, it creates social relationships in which the previous times were unknown, even absent. More interestingly, the study results also show couples who meet from online dating smaller risk of divorce than couples who meet in a conventional way. So it can be concluded, in addition to the many cases of online dating is only used as a ‘distraction’, there is the possibility that online dating is also one that increases the chances of people finding potential spouses.

Here are some interesting facts about online dating:

– Age Differences More Interesting
When online dating, people tend to give ‘like’, send text messages or chat with someone who is 10 years older or younger than him, rather than the same age. the trend grew by 9 percent compared to 2016.

– Good Man Heart More Interesting than Bad Boy
Men who write ‘polite’, ‘good listener’, ‘generous’, ‘friendly’ or ‘outgoing’ in their profile info receive 66 percent more call to get acquainted.

– More Lunch Invitations Received
Taking a date at lunch seems more acceptable than dinner. Text messages that invite lunch get 25 percent more response. While the invitation of coffee, dinner and drink response 13 percent less.

– Do not Reply Messages Too Old
When online dating, you should not reply too long text messages. Reply to its text message on the same day. Moreover, the person who sent you a message on the other side will soon move on. Replying to text messages on the same day, the likelihood of getting a high response up to 62 percent. Meanwhile, if you wait up to two days, the potential for your message to be rewarded again decreases by 45 percent.