Excess Testosterone Is Not A Good Thing, It’s Some Impact

Hormone testosterone will become an important hormone for men. The hormone is indeed a big influence on some things experienced in men. So, many men are taking a boil to use testosterone booster. However, many also find out about testosterone boosters side effects because many assume that it can affect their overall health.

Lack of testosterone is a bad thing, but the excess testosterone is also a good thing for a person’s body. The effects of excess testosterone on a person depending on age and gender. However, there are some effects that can also be felt from the excess testosterone that you can feel, like

1. Oily skin and acne
In fact, the excess hormone can cause the skin becomes oily and grow acne is caused by high levels of increased DHT, associated with the excess hormone. high levels of testosterone can increase sebum oil production, viscous zar that can clog pores on the face. If the pores are covered, the bacteria can accumulate on the skin and cause inflammation or commonly called acne.

2. Excess red blood cells and hemoglobin
If the body experiences excess testosterone in the body, one effect is the increase in red blood cell levels and hemoglobin levels in the body. In older man, an increase in red blood cells can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

3. Hair loss
One of the things that can happen if the hormone in someone’s body is the bald that can happen to everyone. In general, the symptoms of this hair loss will start from the part of the scalp node, then will continue on the hair of the temple and will continue on the hair throughout the body of a person.

4. Testes become small
Your brain will think that all that happen based on the site that produces it. And it will make the testes be small. because the brain will no longer produce LH.