Effects of Lack Fat on the Body

Due to the lack of fat for the body is of course very dangerous as when the body lacks carbohydrates and other essential nutrients. For those of you who are on a fat diet, you should note the negative impact of the following fat deficiency.

Everyone definitely wants to have a slim, sexy and proportioned body. Not infrequently they will do anything to get it one of them is by dieting. As we know, one of the causes of body fat and weight gain is because too much fat intake is consumed. Eating excessive fat can indeed accumulate in certain body parts such as stomach, thighs, and arms.

Because fat is difficult to digest by the body. In addition, excess fat in the body can also cause some dangerous diseases such as heart, blockage of blood vessels to stroke. Even so fat also has an important function to maintain body health. Namely as one source of energy for the body launched the body’s metabolic system, body protector from changes in temperature, protects vital organs of the body, as a means of transporting vitamins that can dissolve in the fat itself and much more.

Therefore, even if you are dieting you should not stay away from the fat intake. Because this, of course, can be harmful to the health of the body. If excess fat in the body can cause dangerous diseases, then what are the effects and consequences if the body lacks fat?

– The skin becomes dry and rough

The first impact is the skin becomes dry and rough. In addition to the above roles, fat also serves to protect the skin and keep it moist and healthy. Because fat has a role as a lubricant and if heated fat has liquid properties. Therefore, a person who lacks fat intake usually will have dry and rough skin.

Not only that, a body that lacks fat also causes the sufferer to become more emotional, depressed, often experiencing anxiety, hair becomes rough, dry and dandruff and nails become brittle and less concentrated.

– Leukemia

The second is that it can cause leukemia or blood cancer. One of the diseases of the circulatory system is due to the abnormal production of white blood cells, so this will disrupt the production of red blood cells and platelets. While fat, it also plays a role in helping balance blood cells. If this happens, then leukemia can attack anyone who lacks fat.

This disease attacks the spinal cord in the human body. So someone diagnosed with this disease should perform a bone marrow transplant, red blood cell transfusion, and chemotherapy. Early symptoms of blood cancer that must be known that there is bleeding in the skin, infections, swelling of the lymph, abdominal pain and anemia.