Duties and Roles of Logistics and Warehouse Management

According to Parker, management is an art in carrying out work through many people. Then logistics can be defined as the process of managing, moving, and or storing goods, spare parts, and finished goods from suppliers to and from companies or organizations and facilities to customers. Logistics can be concluded is to channel goods from producers through suppliers to get into the hands of consumers. The purpose of the logistics itself is to deliver or deliver finished goods as well as various materials in the right amount and timing as required, then also in reasonable circumstances and favorable conditions to the place designated with the total financing as appropriate or as low as possible. The implementation of logistics is closely related to the conditions of place and time. The usefulness of logistics is intimately tied to the functioning of an organization, a company, or even a business. In fact, almost all organized activities are neatly in need of logistical activities. The availability of goods at the right amount and time is the result of logistics activities. The selection of logistic services for the company does require proper selection and accurate and must be trusted like El Mar Logistics.

The process of logistics should be designed in such a way that the process smoothly according to the intended purpose. Therefore a person who fights in planning, execution, and logistics supervision is a logistics manager who manages the logistics process. In the physical distribution of a goods or integration of displacements, as well as the management of material operations, logistics managers must be able to carry out integrated logistics management. There are several reasons why logistics management should be integrated. The first is the great dependence between the physical distribution of goods and also the operation of material management for the benefit of the organization. Then the concept of material management and improper physical distribution can cause disturbance during the distribution process.

To integrate the activity of the physical distribution as well as the management of the material, oversight is essential and should be done by the logistics manager. High marketing needs and awareness of the importance of trade-offs can be a better referral to logistics systems. Logistics needs and objectives cannot be met only with technological equipment only. An appropriate system affects the results and processes of logistics. While the concept of integrated logistics can be divided into two, namely logistics coordination and logistics operations.