At certain moments, the house is usually visited by many relatives and family. Afterwards, you will clean up and clean the house to be clean and comfortable. One of the important furniture to be cleaned immediately after many guests is a carpet. When there are many guests, the carpet is the dirtiest Could be due to a pile of dust from the feet or spills of drinks or food. Rug Cleaning Northern Beaches can clean many carpets or rugs at one time. So you can use it again soon. So, do not waste your time just to clean the carpet and rugs that piled up or even keep it in the warehouse.

Dirty carpet is certainly not unsightly. Besides, leaving the carpet dirty for a long time can also be a den of disease. For that immediately clean the carpet with the following three steps.

1. Wet carpet
The carpet can get wet because of falling drinks. Never let it dry on the floor alone. Because, this will trigger damage to the floor and carpet itself. If the carpet is wet, immediately dry in the sun indirectly or aerated.

2. Carpet stains
If the stain is a food or drink that is still wet, immediately use a dry towel made of 100 percent cotton to absorb it. Remember, the faster the stain is absorbed, the more likely it is to disappear. Perform pressing movements, not wiping with vertical or circular movements. Because, this will damage the texture of the carpet.

3. If stains are stubborn
Mud and mild stains may be removed by absorbing it using a towel or vacuuming it with a vacuum cleaner. However, more complex stains must be resolved with the help of chemicals. For example, mild acid or gentle detergent that can remove stains obtained during Eid, without damaging the color of the carpet.

You might also use a vacuum cleaner to be faster. However, after using it, don’t forget to dispose of the contents of the vacuum cleaner so that there are no germs that are lodged and dirt that can make the vacuum cleaner quickly damaged.

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