Don’t Do These Three Mistakes If You Don’t Want Your Job Application Rejected

Technology developed very quickly in just a few years. The proof is the number of job vacancies available on the internet Only with one or two keywords, you can find many jobs according to ability. Job centre online is one of the platforms that provides job information as well as providing consulting services so that applications sent to pass the selection.

Applying for an online job does seem instant, but this can be a trap for those of you who are not careful when applying for a job. There are several factors that can cause your job application to be rejected or not read at all. In this article, we will mention three reasons that most often cause job applications to be rejected:

– The email subject is not as instructed
In some job vacancies, the format of the email subject usually needs to be followed. This format is used to filter incoming emails. That is, if you don’t follow the format that applies, your email will be ignored.

– Leave the e-mail body blank
Sending emails without any introductory writing is like sending an anonymous letter or not. But there are still many who send job applications with an empty body email. A cover letter in the body of the email also serves to make office interested in opening the CV you sent. In this section, write down the goals and reasons you deserve to be accepted in the company briefly and clearly.

– Ignore social media accounts
Even if you don’t work in the creative industry, your social media has become a “personal branding” that shows who you are. Many recruiters check their candidates’ social media accounts to find out whether they are eligible or not. So, before sending-sending an application, try to check first whether there are feeds on your social media account that conflict with the values ‚Äčof the company you are interested in.