Do You Want Tax Audits Run Smoothly? Try This Tips!

In the face of a tax audit, the company must prepare many things, especially from the administration side. Ahead of the tax audit, employees will become busier. Do not let their company get into trouble because of taxes. When a company is hit by a tax problem even once, it affects the tax system. That’s why tax lawyers are needed for consultation on taxes to be reviewed. If you need a tax attorney to help with the company checkup, you can contact Todd Unger attorney.

During the examination, there are things that should be done for the examination to run smoothly. Here are some tips for tax audits to run smoothly:

– The examination should be dealt with as politely as we welcome a guest. Do not assign your subordinates to meet them the first time. Introduce them to your staff and consultants. Show them that they are waiting for you. This is a golden opportunity to impress them with your good intentions. Good initial impression tends to improve in the future. This will help you when you have to exchange opinions about tax treatment.

– Give a written objection with strong evidence. If there is still no agreement on the perception of the correction, ask for time to meet with the superior of the examining team or the head of the office. Convey your refutation of correct review of the examining team. If you are not satisfied, you can come to the tax office to get an affirmation of the problem you are facing.

– Do not feel stress too early if the initial correction offered is much larger than you think. Ask for time to research the correction. If there is an unclear correction, do not delay to ask for an explanation. Remember that differences in perceptions of Indonesian tax laws are common. Ask the examiner to look at the problem from your point of view and perception. Again, the important thing is you do not intend or cheat.