Do You Also Need to Replace Garage Door Opener When Replacing the Door of Your Garage?

As a place to store vehicles, the house garage must be made in such a way as to keep it safe. Considering the garage is one of the fronts of the house that is always seen by everyone passing by, aesthetic elements cannot be missed in it. Of course, you want the house garage to look attractive when you see people passing by, right?

If you plan to replace the existing garage door system regarding of the reasons why doing it, don’t forget to also consider whether you also need to replace the opener. Take chain and screw drives into consideration and choose the best one.


In addition, minimalist homes certainly need a minimalist garage with a door model that does not take up a lot of space so the garage looks spacious. You may be familiar with the choice of sliding type garage doors that use wood or iron material. If you want a different model when changing the garage door, then here are a few choices for you.

Folding Wooden Garage Door

Wooden folding garage door is one of the right garage door models for a home with a minimalist concept. This wooden garage door leaves an oriental element in the house garage and is certainly safe for private vehicles inside. This garage door model is available in various sizes and door motifs, ranging from woven motifs, grilles to floral carvings. Garage doors made of wood can be created by adding glass elements at the top.

Folding Iron Garage Door

In addition to wood, folding garage doors are also available using iron as a material. When compared to a wooden garage, iron certainly has higher security. Iron garage doors are also available in attractive motifs such as flowers and leaves or ordinary models with vertical frosted glass in the center.