Overcoming household problems needs to be done calmly. The goal is to prevent the argument from getting heated up and dragging on. Moreover, arguing with emotion also has a bad impact on health. 5 things from sarahgremaud.tumblr.com will help you when fighting with your partner.

  1. Start with praise

Starting a conversation with a positive sentence tends to be better than starting it with an angry sentence. It may be difficult for you to praise your partner’s strengths when angry, but believe me, this can have a better effect.

  1. Express in a soft tone or intonation

The tone or intonation of the voice when arguing determines the direction of the argument. If during a fight you speak in a high tone, then the atmosphere will heat up even more. It also tends to be less likely for your words to be heard by him.

  1. Avoid solving problems when you are tired

Some couples choose to insist on solving problems before bed. However, according to some experts, delaying solving the problem until you and your partner have had enough rest is better.

Not only that, but lack of sleep can also make conflicts difficult to resolve. So, let your physical and mental condition first before discussing the problems that occur.

  1. Try to be more specific

Avoid using the word always or never, as both give the impression of generalization. Couples do not always do this.

It will be better if you are specific in expressing your desires. For example, if you have a workaholic partner and are too busy with work, tell them that you appreciate their hard work but that you also miss spending time with them.

  1. Give a touch to the partner

When you are in a fight, try to give your partner touch, for example holding his hand or hugging him, then see his reaction.

According to a study, touch can lower stress levels and have a calming effect. Touch can often solve problems when things above don’t work to have a positive effect.

Couples who fight when facing conflicts in the household are common. However, remember to deal with arguments in an appropriate manner, so as not to disturb the harmony of the household.


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