Every time a flood comes, there must always be many houses that are also flooded. Aside from the hassle because the house was flooded, the task that awaited the aftermath of the floods was also no less strenuous, especially for those whose houses are flooded high enough, certainly not easy to clean the house after the flood. However, there are some things that must be understood when you want to clean a house that has just been flooded. However, if you are too busy with your job, we suggest you hire a reliable House Cleaning company in your city.

Important Tips to Clean Your House After a Flood

Prepare cleaning and protective equipment

The first way that must be done to clean the house after flooding is to prepare a variety of cleaning tools such as rubber mops, shovels, mops, and disinfectants to kill germs left at home. To make disinfectants when you want to clean your house after flooding is also very easy, you only need to mix one and a half cups of clothing bleach with one gallon of water. In addition, do not forget to use body armor such as masks, footwear to gloves to protect yourself.

Clean goods according to the material

The next thing to consider when cleaning a house after a flood is that you have to clean house items based on the constituent materials. For example, items made of wood may have to be discarded immediately because they are usually more susceptible to mold. Meanwhile, items made of glass, metal, and plastic need not be discarded, only need to be cleaned by spraying a disinfectant. You can also hire a cleaning service to clean items such as carpets that are prone to mold.

Clean the wooden floor

How to clean your house after the last flood, pay attention to your wooden floor. Because the wood floor is vulnerable to cracking, then you have to clean it slowly and persistently, then remove the floorboard so it does not bend.


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